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Hutt Podiatry.

...helping you put your best foot forward.


Hutt Podiatry provides comprehensive foot and ankle care, including:


  • General Podiatry Care

  • Surgical Care

  • Pediatric Care

  • Adult Care

  • Geriatric Care

  • Diabetes Care

  • Work Injuries

Available in Our Office

We have a wide range of foot care products available in our office for your convenience:


  • Biofreeze Pain Relievers

  • Onox Foot Solutions

  • Powerstep Orthotics

  • Pure Stride Orthotics

  • Biomechanical Foot Care Pads 

Dedicated to Providing the Best Foot and Ankle Care for People of All Ages


From our earliest moments, when the labor and delivery team counts our toes to make sure that we have all ten of them, our feet become the foundation of our bodies and of our lives.  At Hutt Podiatry, we believe in the importance of taking excellent care of your feet from birth to retirement, and beyond.  Taking our first steps as toddlers, getting our foot in the door for our first jobs, walking down the aisle as we get married...our feet are with us as we journey through our lives.  Let us take care of yours.


At Hutt Podiatry, our number one goal is to provide quality comprehensive lower-extremity care to all of our patients.  Whether you are a pediatric patient out on the soccer field or a geriatric patient enjoying your retirement -- or anyone in between -- Hutt Podiatry is well equipped to provide accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for your needs.  Don't let your foot problems hold you back from living the life you deserve.  Call us today at 724-832-8000 to schedule an appointment.

Patient Testimonials

“Saw Dr. Hutt who actually took the time to explain my situation to me which no other doctor ever took the time to do!  Sat and spoke with me for close to an hour and answered all questions and concerns I had.  I left feeling pretty confident I could possibly control my problem with what all he said and gave me to try.  I would highly recommend Dr. Hutt.

"I don't trust many physicians with my health. So I am feeling so blessed that I was able to track Dr. Hutt down at his new practice. Thanks for always taking excellent care of my poor feet."


All new patients will be asked to complete a few forms at their first appointment.  If you prefer, you may complete these forms at your convenience and bring them with you instead.  Click on the box to the right to download and print PDFs of the new patient forms.

1225 South Main Street
Suite 101 Wellington Square
Greensburg, PA 15601
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